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  • Our DNA is a personal identifier. Through comparing our DNA, we can confirm family relationships biologically, for various personal and legal uses nowadays. Purposely profiling or storing our own DNA for timeless and limitless utilities are also becoming popular - apart from identity verification, profiled and stored DNA can serve as a heritage to the future generations, especially for families with hereditary diseases in the search for a medical remedy.

    LeGENE adopts the most advanced DNA technology in USA in Parentage testing, family relationship testing & Personal DNA profiling / banking.
    DNA profiles can be used in: Genealogy / My GeneStory • Immigration • Adoption • Will • Assets Management • Accidents Identification & Claims • Personal DNA Storage & Heritage

    Uses of our Advanced DNA Relationship Technologies

    • Paternity/Maternity Test – Legal & Personal Use
    • Grandparentage Test
    • Siblingship & Half-siblingship Test
    • Twin Zygosity Test
    • Family DNA Reconstruction
    • Child Adoption & Family Reunion

    Personal DNA Profiling / Banking

    • DNA as your most unique biological ID
    • Part of your will - Future paternity tests in case of claims on a person's estate
    • Identification of people in high-risk professions, such as military, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and overseas contractors
    • Identification of missing persons or disaster victims
    • DNA banking in secure facility for 15 years or more
    • Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed

    Special Samples

    Human DNA can be extracted from the following objects for profiling & relationship testing with variable success:

    DNA Extraction from Different Samples

    • Blood on filter paper or fabric, fingernails, ear swab, semen on fabric, dried umbilical cord, hair roots, razor, cigarette butts, chewing gum, mucus, condom, toothbrush, soda can, tampon or pad, drinking straw